Robtec, Inc
Technical Illustration Services

  For most clients we perform on a per-hour basis.  The rate for this is determined after discussing your specific
  needs. Other clients want to know the exact charges ahead of time, so there are no surprises.  For these
  clients we provide an exact quote or a “not-to-exceed” quote for each job before we start. 
  Because of the large number of drawings completed we can usually estimate pretty closely, but this is an
  inexact art - especially on large jobs.  For this reason the most economical route often is by-the-hour or
  We can also work on a retainer if we will be creating a large volume of work and you want to reserve a block of
  our time.  This also can be negotiated for a mutually beneficial arrangement.  
  As a very general rule of thumb, the per-sheet cost for patent drawings averages between $70 and $80.  All
  other types of work will be charged on a per-case basis.