Robtec, Inc
Technical Illustration Services

After working for years as a mechanical engineer, in 1989 one of the partners of Robtec, Inc. had a new product idea.  Although he was working with a law firm to file a patent for this idea, he wanted to learn about the entire process and also create his own drawings.  After seeing his drawings the opportunity was offered to prepare other drawings for this firm.  Although various patent drawings were created over the years, it wasn't a full time endeavor.  That finally changed... 

In 2000 Robtec, Inc. was officially formed to provide patent drafting and technical illustration services to law firms, companies and individuals.  Since then we have completed many thousands of CAD drawings for our clients.  We strive to give the highest quality and best customer service, including providing same day or next day turn-around on urgent projects when requested.  

Our first patent drawing in 1989

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